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Our Mission

To help steer the fintech industry in the right direction by providing vital credit management and financial services that deliver more efficiency to businesses in the segment.

Our purpose

To make the credit management process smoother and more efficient for our clients.

Our vision

To become the ladder through which businesses can scale the heights of success while tapping into the full potential of the fintech segment.

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Message from the VP

For companies large and small, it can be difficult to dedicate resources to collect on what they are owed, leading to issues in cash flow as collections calls lose priority.

Acorns helps companies who outsource this important work to our accounts receivable management service team. We provide timely and consistent follow-up on all outstanding invoices. we can help resolve disputes early, improve the timeliness of payments, and ultimately help keep your business relationships strong.

Roselyn Maundu

Roselyn Maundu

VP Strategic Partnerships

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