Field Force Management

    We provide a data-driven field force automation for financial service providers.


    What we offer

    Geo Mapping

    Realtime customer management geolocating with time stamped customer documentation &Realtime submission

    Inventory Audit

    We give your organisation the ability to audit all assets and their working state and issue maintenance tickets for any broken assets.

    Routes and Journey plans

    Preconfigured route plans with journey plans for your sales teams

    Performance Management

    We provide the process that creating a work environment to enable your teams perform to the best of their abilities

    Digital Collaterals

    Facilitate in real time collection of digital, timestamped documentation for verification and collection.

    Analytics and report

    Provide analysis and reports on Performance metrics to the field workforce to provide insights.

    This tool helps you collect and utilize all the information you can possibly get from your clients and ensuring peak customer satisfaction and targeted services being the endgame